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being nessasary

a quirky look into being

It started with Joe the Carpenter down the road lending a gang of microscopic nasties his most ragged piece of sandpaper.  These hoodlums target you, sneak into your evening glass of wine, and get you mid-giddy into your nightcap.  No longer a pleasant evening at home, you do everything to get rid of the scraping and tearing happening in your throat.  First yummy honey comes to mind, but it just sweetens the bitter taste of the bullies.  Then tea, it’s warm and smooth, but its steam does little to stop the snot from creeping to your sinuses.  Vitamins, painkillers, tissues, falling to your knees in slow motion – and yet they do nothing.

Here follows a list of my prior week’s  nessasary things:


  • my boyfriend’s gym shorts I swiped because, let’s face it, men’s fashion is much more functional and comfy…their pockets actually have a purpose (especially as tissue sacks!)
  • an XL College hoodie, hood up.  Again, practical for fall days in Indiana. AND for keeping ones pounding head covered.
  • My beloved L.L. Bean Wicked Good Moccasins. They keep my footsies warm on my hardwood floors/disgusting rental home’s kitchen and bathroom plastic tiles. Plus, this footwear makes me smile.  Good for a sick person all around!  I suggest checking them out.  And yes, I do wear them as a fashion statement more than I wear my nice leather boots.
  • A pony tail. Sure, mine is wee since my hair took a hiatus a few years ago, but it nonetheless was there.


  • Vegetable soup (thank you Mumsie)
  • Sprite (It just tastes so good when you feel like butt.)
  • Chai Tea
  • Frozen gummie things (Try it! You get to suck on sweetness before it gets gummy, plus they’re kind on the throat!)


  • SVU: perfect for when your nose plays the game where everything drains from one side to the other making sleep an absolutely impossible task.
  • Get him to the Greek:  I love shenanigan-filled flicks, but this one has a few to many shenanigans – there is simply too much drug-glorification despite the dramatic turn in the end.  But, in a gross confession, I must say Russel Brand is sexy, in that dirty, Jack Sparrow kind of way. 

    yay snoozies!

  • Futurama:  Yes, I like it, so there.
  • Grey’s Anatomy:  Watching other people suffer from ailments worse than yours helps.
  • Sleep.  Very entertaining, very entertaining indeed.

What really made me feel better was my mom.  She always makesthings better.  She is a goddess; I could go on for years about how wonderful sheis.  Spooning with her make even the sharpest shards turn cotton.  She was the most nessasary medicine I needed.

What happens to you when you’re sick?  What does your life consist of?  Who/what is your magic pill?


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