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being nessasary

a quirky look into being

You have a pet fish.  You can wear sweatpants every day and no one cares or even notices.  Everyone watches the same TV shows, and you don’t think about your calorie intake when downing a Dr. Pepper or a cream soda.  There is no real difference between a sunny day and a rainy one.  You have no apprehension when dared to jump in the lake in late March.  You might get your first boyfriend or girlfriend (who you never talk to, but you’re simply “going out”).

It's all about fun! And a oodles of sugary stuff!

This evening I am crashing a slumber party for twin girls turning nine.  Before you judge, yes, I can be creepy in the way creepy is normal, not in the creepy, creeper, you need a soak in a barrel of  industrial strength bleach if I even glace at you kind of way.  These lovely little ladies are my boyfriend’s little sisters. I don’t think boys are allowed, and I’m super excited to check out how sleeping bag and stuffed animal fashion has changed over the years.

I know at nine, my life revolved around

  • T0ady, my pet Cuban Tree Frog
  • Sweatpants and over-sized Peace Frog T-shirts
  • Bare feet
  • Spending endless days at my best friend’s house
  • Soda
  • Swimming
  • Nature
  • Running (I could run really fast)

I had the simplicity most human beings look for. Most of the books I have read regarding happiness revolve around inner peace, love and simplicity.  Sure, I am not 9 anymore, but I think that it is nessasary to know what the simple things are that keep me smiling.  There is no order – after all it’s supposed to be simple!

  • My family and beloved friends

    In case you were wondering, yes, footie pajamas are still in.

  • My cat Betty
  • Daffodils
  • Billy Collins
  • Writing
  • Smiling
  • Literature
  • Dogs
  • Good food
  • Nature
  • Green and yellow
  • Health
  • Music
  • Driving
  • Diet Coke

Of course these can branch off, but I like looking at them in simple terms.  It fuels my spirit to see a broad category of my being.

What meant the most to you when you were 9?  What about now?

What are your simply necessary things/feelings/thoughts/habits/thingamabobs? (I’ve got 20…)


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