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being nessasary

a quirky look into being

Greetings. Hugs. Kisses. Walks. Living heating pads.  Unconditional love. Pets.  Unless someone has insufferable allergies, or does not have the time or space for a pet, I have trouble trusting them.  Yep, I just don’t trust ’em. Call me close-minded, but how can someone not love a kitten’s purr or a dog’s tail fanning you as if you were a goddess (but I know I already am!)?  Our pets are often our greatest comforts and friends.  When no one is there when you get the news your grandma passed away, the dog that is usually running-into-walls, eating-sticks-of-butter-off-the-counter crazy, knows well enough to sit quietly beside you.  And when you want to be run-into-walls, eat-sticks-of butter-off-the-counter crazy,  your pooch surely would be up for the challenge!  You smile, they smile.

Sure, there are messes, but life is messy.  They can be a pain when you’re tired and they’re awake.  Litter boxes are foul and liquid dog ‘reah is a heinous crime against man.  Even a dirty fish bowl can make folks cringe. Hamsters, bunnies, rats, frogs, lizards, snakes, whatever pet a man or woman chooses to love has its own pitfalls.  But, it is worth it – kind of like the glass of wine you treat yourself to at the end of the day (preferably with your creature by your side).

I currently have a cat named Betty.  She is a person, preferring filtered to tap water, my Brookstone NAP blanket to cotton, my shower to her tongue. She likes hogging my bed and clawing the squares out of my screen windows.  I love her.  She is there when I get home from a job I love less than horseradish and blue cheese soup (made that up, but FOUL).  I know cats do not need much, but she is great at faking it.  After nearly two years, she still manages to convince me to buy her mousies, “activity pads,”  a fish shaped Christmas stocking, catnip toys, and on special occasions, live catnip. Sure I’m creepy. On my way to becoming a cat lady? Nahhhhh she is irreplaceable.  A character.  And hilarious.  When I’m scooping her poo or cleaning up her hairballs, I remember that she is a fun fur ball of wild joy.  Betty makes me smile. And she cuddles my feet every night as I fall asleep.

Pets are a good thing. I am happy having Betty around.  It is a joy to sprinkle a little Maggie in there too (the happy Irish Setter getting her car ride on at the top of this post). I find fuzzy love and loyalty nessasary!



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