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Ohhhh the year-long anticipation!  Pawing at potential gifts months in advance comes to an end (until tomorrow).  All of the Happy Birthday songs you’ve sang over the past 364 days flash flood in your direction.  It’s a holiday completely dedicated to YOU!  It may not be in everyone’s calendars (that is unless you’re Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus, George Washington…), but it certainly should be in yours!  When I get a new calendar, the first thing I do is decorate my day with exclamation marks, swirly lines, butterflies, and sparkles.  I then move on to accessorizing  my loved ones’ days, giving each one their own specific happy theme.  Everyone should count each year they are alive as a blessing not only to themselves and loved ones, but to the world.  After all what would it be like with you?

It’s sad when people stop caring about their holiday.  It doesn’t matter if your turning 33 or 72, a birthday is a lifetime  achievement award!  Age is awesome. Age is wisdom, progress, and hours of conversation (or time spent involved in a book, film, or television series).

Some folk are afraid of the aging body.  I say, get over your fear of wrinkles, my birthday beasties.  The human body is a fabulous contraption.  More candles mean more light (and more air in your lungs).  Take your light and turn it into an opportunity to use your new year as a catalyst to do something different, something good!  There are so many lovely ways to help your family, friends and community.  I suggest you start by sharing your cake.

(This is a special post!  It’s for Jason; Happy Birthday! Nom!)


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