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being nessasary

a quirky look into being

I love being cozy.  You have a fireplace? I’m right there until I feel my skin beginning to crisp. My car’s heater is usually set on Serengeti Plain, and I love the sensation of sweating after a hard run on the treadmill.

There’s this wicked 30 degrees thing going on right now.  I am not exactly enjoying it.  I have already brought out my knee length puffy coat, donned a pair of UGG boots,  and decorated the bundle I have become in scarves and gloves; and yet, I am still frigid as a wolf carcass Sarah Palin forgot to put atop her pile of terrible things.  My wardrobe is full of tank-tops, t-shirts, and zip-ups.  My sweaters make me feel frumpy, no matter how cute they are.  I think I have never liked sweaters because they are designed to be worn in cold weather.

I’d MUCH rather curl up in a compact ball and have blankets and pillows orbit my body until that blessed warm day in May arrives.

The only happy thing about cold, at least in Indiana, is that we get snow (well, less now than there used to be, thanks Global Warming!).  I love waking up to a planet smothered and sparkling with snow.  When chemistry and physics work together and provide snowman worthy white stuff, my glee goes beyond what is to be expected of a cold-loather.  I love donning my wellies and shoveling the sidewalk.

When I lived at home, and awoke to the sound of a parent using the snow blower on the driveway, I’d get my sneak on. After excessively bundling up, I’d creep out into the wonderland and create the perfect snowball.  I would wait for the opportune moment to attack the unsuspecting plowing parent, then wack them on the head with my excellently crafted white ball of doom. Awesome!

I would get so excited to commit the deed, I’d forget that they had the snow blower and the ability to change the direction the snow was blasting out.  My ambushes always ended in my demise; but my downfall started the warming of a cuppa tea or a hot chocolate. Warm Beverage vs Still Plowing the Driveway?:  I am pretty sure I won the war.

These past few nights I have enjoyed sipping tea while admiring my trimmed Christmas tree.  They have been cozy and sweet.  My character of a kitty, Betty, has even stopped mischief making to knead herself a place on my lap and purr herself into a sweet little sleep.  Peaceful moments like this allow me to clear my recently muddled mind. I feel like the air is hugging me.  I am loved no matter what, and anything negative thing I said or did that day is forgotten.  I just get to be Nessa.

Find some time today to cozy up, enjoy something soft (if you’re into elevator music, I won’t judge), and just be.


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