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AHHHH! Only 20 minutes left of the the seventh of December 201o (well, at least here in lower region of Indiana). I am pretty much rushing this post for the sake of keeping my pact to write everyday this month.

To summarize my rushy day:

1. Successfully rolled out of bed

2. Was inspired to keep trying to get my writing out there by a nice man named Dave (meaning I need to write much, much more!).

3.  Went to work, stuffed folders, smelled a real nast. dog fart, got creeped out by a directory of doll collectors.

4. Left work, had a brief but very important meeting with a financial aid adviser.

5. Went back to work, got even MORE creeped out by a directory of doll collectors. Loudly announced my hatred for Windows 97 – DUDE, it’s nearly 14 years later!!!!!

6. Had an amazing dinner with a lovely friend (mmmmm mussels and frites!)

7.  Failed at finding a cute cocktail dress.

8. Learned how to use my scanner whilst doing laundry, cleaning, and sending e-mails.

Life is fast.  I am so used to living in a relaxed manner that I sometimes forget that people actually live their lives with this sort of stress.  It is exhausting.  No wonder people need massages!

Let us all take a few deep breaths!


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