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Finding a memorable burger joint involves intense concentration and flavor bud sophistication.  One must invest some serious time and caloric intake to do the endeavor any justice.  Lately, I have been consuming a fair share of veggie, garden, and black bean burgers.  This is mostly because I have watched too many Peta videos.  I am a fan of the humane treatment of animals before they are put down (I am also comforted if I know how they are put to rest).  If the creatures are mistreated or jam packed full of hormones and crazy ass chemicals, I will not eat them.  Not cool.  I respect the animal that is giving me the stuff I need to stay alive.

Organic/all natural food tangent aside, I also like my burgers to be topped with the best ingredients.  Fresh, delicious, organic and balanced.  The bun must be grilled/toasted; I also like to be able to take a bite containing every topping.

Today, I was taken to a place that served me what I have been seeking:  the holy burger.

Chicago’s The Counter is quick to notify its hungry customers of its organic and hormone free critters. The animals were also given lives lacking abuse.  This is a thing to smile about.  The waitstaff lacked frazzled faces, mostly because they didn’t need to scribble down complex orders.  Like a sushi restaurant, a piece of paper listing meat (or non-meat) options, an overwhelming amount of topping options (from your tomato, pickle, and onion classics, right down to cranberries, sprouts, and scallions) gives the hungry guest the ability to place a check next to the desired morsel to top their burger.  There are probably 15 cheeses and a crazy tasty assortment of sauces, like Russian sauce and garlic aoili.  The Counter also offers health nuts with a whole grain bun.  Bless them.

I constructed a stellar burger topped with cheddar, loads of spring greens, onions, and my personal favorite, avocado.  I smeared a bit of mayo on the top bun, and BAM!  The pile of ingredients shone with all the sparkle and glory as God on the shimmering waters of the sea. The lovely flavor of a creamy slice of avocado mixed with the savory taste of happily farmed meat made me melt.  My first bite was nothing short of the first kiss with THAT boy with the pretty eyes and gentle demeanor.

It was love at first bite.

Great Job "The Counter!"


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