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being nessasary

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It’s gotta be tough.  You’re not on your schedule instead you’re at the whims of random people scattered throughout the city.  You’re just the back of a head and two hands.  The weather doesn’t bother you, and you always know your way there.  Some drunk person may barf all over the back seat then proceed to spill soda well into the unused seat buckles.  A child may be screaming, and an old hag may scrutinize the route. Some chick will call three companies in order to get a cab to collect her in the midst of a blizzard.

Last night, around 1:00 am I struggled to find a cab company willing to send one of its drivers to rescue me from the snow, cold, and questionable Megabus stop area.  I called three companies while arching around 465.  One said it would be an hour, another 45 minutes, and the third said to call back when I was closer.  Upon arrival, there was no cab for me.  I gathered my bag and prepared ideas to make feeble shelter a bit more like home – a couch, lamp, maybe a throw pillow?  As was losing my mind, I heard my name shouted from the street – it was the company that had me call as the bus slid into home.

Like a hooked fish my hooded head whipped in his direction. An electric shock of delight caused me to skip as merrily as I could in 3 inches of snow to his tropically heated car.  I piled myself and gear in, and told him where I was headed. As we sledded our way north, I listened to the conversations over the company’s walkie-talkie.  The drivers were all giggling about how the 5 cabs that were on the roads were going to be busy and how they were stood up by customers (oops, sorry cabbies that took an hour – a ladys gotta do what a ladys gotta do).  They shared what streets were slick and which ones were as salted as ocean-side boulevards.  They were working together to get crazies like me home in the middle of a blizzard.

I made sure to make eye contact as he turned to collect my money, and told him to keep his ice skates sharp.  I gave him a five dollar tip and a bag of hot cocoa. Well the second part isn’t true – but it would have been nice.



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