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being nessasary

a quirky look into being

Chou-chou-chuck-chuck-wheeeeeze-wheezeee-cluck-click-click-click.  Say that how a four year old would when he plays with his toy machines.  You’re hearing my car, The Explorer, as it struggled to breathe its fumes.  She gurgled and rolled around on the garage floor, begging me to end her life.  I used my keys as a defibrillator until all hope was lost.  Big Red is sick and dying.

I am kind to her, save my occasional (okay nearly daily) chai tea spill.  She does not like the cold, so I live in a rental house that has a garage to blanket her.  I try my best!  Hopefully she just needs a rest, not a trip to car heaven.

After patiently accepting her inability to roll out of bed, I notified the workplace that I was transportationally challenged, and heated up some chicken noodle soup – I now have time to write some holiday cards and get some laundry done.  Might as well make the best out of a day with no pay.


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