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being nessasary

a quirky look into being

My dad is quite the person.  Hardly one to complain, remaining introverted at most times, he’s a man of action.  Born and raised on a farm, Daddy has used his hands to make a living his entire life.  A surgeon and farm implement doctor, Dad typically has insight on most everything.

We both are incredibly nerdy; we love learning to the point where my siblings make fun of us.  Both of us grew up playing musical instruments: him, the saxophone, me, the flute.  I could have been a doctor, too. But, as you can derive, I gave myself to the arts.  Majoring in English may seem silly as I sit, practically jobless, trying to get back on my writing feet after several years of neglect.  All practicalities aside, I am delighted I made the choice I did since my brain surgery resulted in a huge fraction of math smarts to vanish.

Dad supported me through college, my adventures abroad, and that blasted C-word.  He continues to do so.

Point in case: today, he came to rescue The Explorer and I.  He arrived with a tasty chai tea and a hug.  We bundled up and trudged to the garage.  The man with most of the answers, had brought his red wrench set, car jumper, and an extension cord.  He only needed to turn the key in Big Red’s ignition to diagnose her.  Dead battery.  He removed the deceased, and announced we were going to Wal-mart!  YAY!

Turns out, the battery that was powering my beloved vehicle was built for a machine along the lines of a lawnmower or an electric toothbrush. Ohhhh the beauty of used cars.

Dad and I returned home, installed the new battery, and powered up the Explorer.  She has never purred more proudly.

These endeavors with my dad have always made me happy.  When I was younger, it was wrapping a worm around a hook. Now,  it’s things like changing a car battery or finagling a dryer to work with the twist of a pair of pliers.  Sounds silly, but it’s special to us.  I love you Deeds!


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