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I love giving gifts.  The holiday season just means I need not feel guilty spending a little more on a trinket for a friend.  The truth is, my eyes are wide open for a card, a hilarious gas station keychain, maybe some icey cream all year round.  My heart is heavily involved in the giving, as for my hands, they aren’t quite into the presentation of said pressies.

I am a terrible gift wrapper.  I am often embarrassed by my inability to present nicer gifts.  When wrapped, my offerings usually look like I stuffed pom poms and an ugli fruit between the paper and the box.  I will jump over rainbows and thorns to find a pretty bag for a summer wedding gift.  Birthdays?  Same thing.  I swaddle a pair of wine glasses or a cute necklace in tissue paper, place the gift in the bottom of a bag, and stuff more paper around the gift.  So easy, so ordinary, so darn boring.

I really love the way wrapping paper looks – how it blankets an object in mystery, especially when accessorized with a bow toupée.  But this year:  it will be different.  I bought two rolls of paper and am going to do my “how to tie a bow research” on You Tube.  I am going to wrap beautiful presents.  The gifts will be so immaculate that not one person will be willing to puncture the green printed paper. Imagine! – gifts so gorgeous they won’t be gored by eager fingers!

Well, all this is true as long as Betty the Cat stays away from the loot…




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