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My last post may have illuminated that I have been struggling a bit lately as far as anti-epileptic medications go.  Sleeping for 18 hours a day is not really my thing – there are way too many fun things to do out there in the world.  Including the anatomy homework I am about to attempt.

I forced myself out of bed this morning to do the most mundane and necessary of tasks:   laundry. I get a lot of peace from doing laundry – which I think is why I MUST have a washer and dryer in every apartment/condo I live in from now on.  Maybe even two sets:  one for when I go outside to play with my future mud-covered poochies/garden/hike/jump in a gross pond, and another for my amazing collection of underthings.

The thing is, I like simplicity.  It has been incredibly tough to apply the theory to my life the past 4 years with all the pitchy jazz that comes with cancer, the deaths of friends/those afflicted with cancer, medications, and relationships.  It takes a lot of deep breaths, a very strong support group, and a whole lot of the icey cream.

The more I attend my massage classes, the more I learn how many ways one can learn about their body, spirit, and the planet we live on.  The simplicity of having air in my lungs and a pair of hands to lay upon someone else’s body, gives me some of the simplicity I need – most of us are born with these two things.  No diamonds or decadent designs needed.

I suggest we all focus on simplicity, especially in the wake of the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan.  Many lost family, friends, homes, pets, and possessions.  I would much rather cope with the 10+ pills I swallow each day than lose my beloved family, friends, Betty and Maggie, and the roof over my head.

One of my favorite songs featured in the Waycross Camp songbook/sung at my grandmother’s funeral is called “Tis a Gift to be Simple.”  I will leave you with the lyrics:

‘Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free,

‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,

And when we find ourselves in the place just right,

‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gained

To bow and to bend we shan’t be ashamed,

To turn, turn, will be our delight

Till turning, turning we come round right.


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I love comfy clothes.  I have gotten way too used to them the past few years.  When I wear tight clothes that aren’t made of a lovely cotton fabric, I am unhappy, scratchy, and sometimes grouchy.  I do happen to like looking cuter than PJ cute.  It is a vicious cycle.  But as I laze on my couch like most Midwesterners post “Snow/Icepocolypse,” I see an advertisement for what I thought would be the answer to all of my clothing woes, but no, its just hilariously embarrassing that I would ever dream of something like this.  I do not think much needs to be said, just watch.



Even the creators of Snuggie and Shake Weight are shaking their heads.


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I would be a terrible first lady.  Sure, I love kids, peace, the environment, fashion, traveling, and supporting the ones I love.  I also consider myself to be respectful of other cultures, and will happily accommodate my dress and behavior for the sake of respect.  However, I have trouble with misogynistic tradition, whether it be religious or cultural.  I like hugging. I do not like wearing heels and and expensive pant suits day after day (I prefer flip flops [or moccasins], holey jeans, and really soft shirts [tank tops, hoodies]).  I also despise it when people tell me what to do.  Like most pre-teens on Jerry Springer, “I do what I want!” While I am not sleeping with 20 year olds and cursing at my sweet mother, that attitude, for the most part, is the one that helps a dominate woman succeed.  Doing what you want/having an wiley motive in your actions typically serves a woman well in most her endeavors – it’s all part of being strong-willed and stubborn (which have studied for nearly 25 years).  Both sexes can benifit with a friendly demeanor and a smile.  If you practice I do what I want without a polite policy, you just come off as an ass. No one wants to be an ass. Unless you do…?

This brings me to my thoughts on a news story:  the racey relationship between first lady Michelle Obama and Indonesian Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring.  When the Obamas arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia this Tuesday morning, they were greeted by a line of officials – nothing super out of the ordinary for a presidential welcoming committee.  President Obama greeted each of the men with a handshake, while his wife used the the same courteous manner.

"Yeah, Jim, it must have been that night we spent with the tequila and the hamsters...."

When the time came for her to shake the hand of the conservative Muslim Minister Tifatul Sembiring, the world suddenly went into cardiac arrest when he reached both his hands toward Mrs. Obama’s with an ecstatic smile on his face.  How could he!?!?  How could this intelligent, religious man, who blames natural disasters on man’s lack of morality, actually shake a female’s hand, albeit a prominent one??? Blasphemy!!!

You may have to shield young ones’ eyes, this is disturbing:

This news story wouldn’t be much of a news story if the world wasn’t so unbalanced.  Once news of this Muslim man’s skin on unrelated woman’s skin contact hit the streets, a crazed roar of colliding cultures came billowing up from the depths of the earth.  Surely a natural disaster is in the works for such an abomination of morality to occur!!!

Minister Tifatul Sembiring quickly denied his enthusiastic handshake with the lovely first lady.  He claimed that Mrs. Obama forced the contact.  HANDSHAKE RAPE!!!  Swab his palms for cooties and non-familial estrogen, STAT!!!

My dramatic reaction to Minister Sembiring’s handshake is not only founded on my distaste for misogyny in both culture and religion, I happen to find it absolutely hilarious that he denied happily shaking her hand while the moment is captured in a perfectly clear and colored  film.  Why should people take a man or woman seriously if he/she blatantly lies to save face?  This reminds of my super favorite political moment:  The Sarah Palin/Katie Couric interview of the 2008 Presidential Election.

I like to believe that the world is going somewhere, that someday, somehow, no matter what religion we are, that we can at least shake hands with one another without the threat of a moral and environmental catastrophe.  After all, don’t all religions revolve around love? At least, shouldn’t they?  And shouldn’t  we stop lying to cover up our mistakes? Lying really makes you look like a dumb coward, and gains you little respect.

I for one love it that our first lady does not allow herself to be something she isn’t. She is as much to our country as our president is – her strength and love is what keeps the president going.

If it is any consolation to the weary hand-shakers of today, hand sanitizer is pretty cheap, even in this economy!

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“Listen up, you couch potatoes: each recycled beer can saves enough electricity to run a television for three hours.” -Denis Hayes

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am pretty sure my music teacher from elementary school wrote “Recycle Rap”  for one of our Earth Day concerts.  It goes something like this, yo:

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle now

There’s nothin’ to it if you just know how!

So get your Mama and your Papa and your Sister too,

Recycling is the thing to do!

That is about all I remember.  Nonetheless, it is pretty stinkin’ cute to think about a bunch of  kids in 3rd grade rapping about recycling.  Mrs. S sure made sure we were fly.  The thing is, recycling has become an even more relevant issue since 1994 – not that it wasn’t then.  With science and common sense mostly in compliance to the validity of global warming, the world has been flooded with information regarding green living.

I am a bit of a recycling fanatic. I’m sometimes a bit judgmental of a person’s effort; for the sake of you actually wanting to read my tips, I will only stress one time that it is not that hard. I did and still do give my father a hard time about how simply walking the extra ten feet to the garage to toss his soda can in the red bin could make a difference. When I was younger and closer to the lyrics of the Recycle Rap, I’d chastise,  “You’re destroying the planet for your grandchildren every time you throw away a can!”  He’d usually not talk to me for hours.

I will admit I am not perfect at planet preserving. Passion is never perfect! I despise myself when forget to pour out my three month old milk because I have to toss the whole thing in the garbage can (my nose + potent smells = vomit = migraine).  No, I am not a female that says she has a migraine when she has a headache.  When I have a migraine, I cannot speak nor tell people about it on facebook.  So, there is my huge recycling fault/rant about fake migraines.  We cannot all be perfect, but we can try, right?  I have compiled a little list that is helpful and realistic to most households (plus, we can always give our friends a hand when they need it!).

1)  Dropping a used ink cartridge in your purse gives you a nice discount when you go to Staples to purchase a new one. (Learn more about disposing of your E-Waste )

2) Starbucks addict? Have the barista pour your drink into your very own reusable mug. Jingle Jingle, you save ten cents!

3) Bottle your own water!  SIGG makes some very eco-chic beverage bottles.  Super easy to clean and adorn with your own stickers, it’s nice to know that the 4 liters of water I try to down each day isn’t leaving much of footprint.

4) I am a huge fan of To-Go Ware.  Reusable bamboo utensils that come in handy carriers make the need for plastic utensils completely null and void.  They also sell food carriers and bags!

5) I first started my adventure in reusable shopping bags while living in Ireland (fun fact: Ireland was the first country in the world to put a tax on plastic bags at grocery stores).  The bag tax urged consumers to reuse their bags or to purchase cloth bags. Neat! I am delighted to see that the U.S. is following suit, but has not quite gone the extra mile as to taxing us on our sick overuse of plastic bags (did you know an abundant amount of sea creatures choke on bags because they look so much like their natural prey?). Some stores reward you for using your own bags by either giving you a discount or donation.  However, Be Sure, to regularly wash your bags, bacterial nasties like E. Coli can latch onto the fabric as you tote your meat and veggies from store to home.

I'm pre-packaged, baby.

6)  Most produce comes with its very own container.  Bagging nanners, limes, oranges and onions seems a bit redundant.

7)  Educate yourself!  Discover where your community’s recycling program directs its energies.  Can you enhance your household’s effort?

It really is all a matter of habit.  Forgetting your reusable bags, or dropping a soda can in the wrong container is completely normal when trying to make the transition.  The important thing is that you’re trying!  Our planet is much too pretty to cover it with rubbish.

So, friends, there are my wee tips to help you on your journey to discovering a greener you (there is much more you can do involving energy, water, and so on…).

If you seek more information, let me know in the comments!

If you have any advice for me or others, shoot me a bit of knowledge in the form of a comment!

Am I hinting that I’d love to hear what you think loud enough???

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It is what comforted us when we were babies.  It is the voiceless support of a pat on the back.  It is what spirituality (any kind) gives one who chooses to have it.  It is the concept of a pair of hands somehow bringing light into a darkness.

Miner Osman Araya reunites with his wife Wednesday after becoming the sixth trapped miner to reach the surface of the San Jose mine, near Copiapo, Chile. (Hugo Infante/Government of Chile/Reuters)

I am watching the Chilean miners (of the San Jose Mine), who have been trapped half a mile underground for the past 69 days following a collapse.  I see the world lifting these 33 men from what could have been a mass grave.  I struggle to find a lovely way of saying how astonished I am none of them turned their stress into a Lord of the Flies type situation.

Los Trienta Tres sang songs, wrote letters, thought of their wives and children,  proposed and prayed.  They lifted each other up by creating a mini community; they were able to maintain order.  Sure, there HAD and

HAS to be drama, but they are all alive – the fresh air that is and will be in their lungs is what matters.

A machine is lifting these men from

the earth. Children will be lifted up by fathers. Wives will be lifted by their lovers.  Arms raise, hearts heighten, hope comes home.

I am no miner, but I have been lifted:

  • by airplanes to far aways
  • words
  • music
  • kids
  • my grandmother’s hands on my head hours before she passed away
  • my family and friends
  • a magical camp in Southern Indiana
  • hope
  • thoughts, prayers, and butterflies

everyone can use a hand from time to time

For me, it is hard to talk about being lifted.  Each bullet has its own story.  I could write books about all of them.  I keep thinking about the song You Lift Me Up.  It has its own following of religious fans, but I think it is appropriate for many different situations.  It is super cheesy, appropriate and the only thing holding me back from breaking out in an operatic fashion is to spare the poor ladies next door.

Watching the footage has lifted my heart and my belief in the ability of man to communicate and work together in beautiful ways.  It is proof to anyone who believes it is impossible – unnecessary – for us to even try to work as a worldly unit for the betterment of the lives of others.

It is nessasary.

What lifts you up?  How do you feel a bout being a world citizen? Do you have an insight on the Chilean Miners’  69 day journey?

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