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Why hello faithful blog!   I have missed you – I am unfortunately using you for efforts other than your intention (sorta). Yes, it is a bit out of character – I deeply apologize for my disloyalty.

You see, I have to give a certain amount of FREE massages to get my grade for my Clinical Massage class (as well as my kinesiology  course).  While I have been on top of the game the entire quarter, things have been a bit choppy lately with quick cancellations and no-shows.  As you can imagine, it is a bit frustrating.  It is not only me that is effected, but also the other students who could have used my time slot with the massage table.

That being said, I would LOVE for you to contact me if you would like to receive:

1)  Side lying massage (1 hour)

2)  Face/scalp/neck massage note: you DO NOT have to remove any clothing for this!  NO products will be used on your face! (30 mins)

3) Foot massage (Reflexology) note:  you DO NOT have to remove any clothing for this! (30 mins)

yet another note:  The face/scalp/neck massage & foot massage (Reflexology) can be combined to create an hour (this is actually preferred – that way you will get your time’s worth).

*There is more information about the benefits of each massage at the bottom of the page.

My available openings are:

Tuesday, June 7  :  7:00 – 8:00

Wednesday, June 8 : 7:00 – 8:00

Friday, June 10  :  4:00 – 5:00 , 5:00 – 6:00


Saturday June 11  :  12:00 – 1:00  , 2:30 – 3:00 (this can only be a face/scalp/neck OR a foot massage)

Massages will be given at The Harrison College – East Training Spa.  The address, phone number and map are below:

Harrison – Indianapolis East Campus
8150 Brookville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46239
You can schedule an appointment by:
e-mailing me at
replying to this post (with your name).
sending me a facebook message.

*A little more information about the massages being offered:

1) Side-lying massages are often given to pregnant women, the elderly, and clients with certain injuries/disabilities.  Pillows cradle and surround the client into a very cozy position (I typically drift to sleep during one).  The goal of this massage is to relax the client and to relieve his/her aches and pains.

2) Face/Scalp/Neck massages are great for those with sinus (allergies!) issues, tension headaches, and high stress levels.  There are many places on your face that, with the help of massage, may help with congestion. Our tension headaches are often caused by our tendency to squint and scowl as we work (especially on computers).   Those muscles tighten up and pull on the rest of our head (this makes Tylonol and Advil very happy).  A neck massage can address achy muscles caused by bad posture (typical of people who sit down at a desk to work).  That scalp massage?  We all know how relaxing it is!

3)  Foot Massage (Reflexology):  Okay.  We know it feels good to have our feet rubbed, yet it is hard to get someone to do it.  Lucky for you, I will!  At the same time, I will work with you to address any issues you are having ABOVE your ankles.  Foot reflexology is like acupuncture, but without the needles.  It involves using the thumb to gently push certain points on your feet that have an energetic connection to another place on your body (come on, give it a try!).

I have learned many other trades this past quarter, but these happen to be the only ones remaining on my qualification sheet.  I will have a day or two in July that I will set up shop to give FREE 60-minute Swedish massage routines!!!


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When a year ends, I tend to get a bit thinky – not like that is anything new.   I like to focus on what has changed in just 365 days.  It brings some perspective to the time I have been given on earth.  They don’t have to be super deep and dark secrets that I have shed light on or anything, but here are a few then and nows I am willing to share with you, my dear blog reader:

1)  A year ago, I swooning over my now boyfriend.  I was in the same room as him at 12:00 am January 1, 2010, but I did not kiss him. Instead, we kissed near the end of May.

2) A year ago, I was about to start a job tutoring high school kids.  Now, I am about to start school for massage therapy.

3) A year ago, I was 2 years post op brain tumor with no sign of recurrence.  Today, I am 3 years post op with no sign of recurrence.

4)  A year ago, I cried more.

5)  A year ago, I didn’t have another beautiful nephew on the way.

Give yourself some thought.  What changed this year?  What blessings were you given?  How do you feel about your world? Have you gained friends?  Lost them?  Did you get hitched?  Have a baby bless your life?  Give it some thought.  Make a list.  Smile a bit – we are a year’s history.

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First you gotta find the perfect box of cards. A difficult task when you are super sensitive to all religions and beliefs.  It is particularly challenging to locate a box of greetings that do not look like an elementary school teacher’s closet.  It took several stops this year to find some that are okay, just okay. Last year was much better: I had found postcards featuring vintage-looking holiday cartoons.  I loved them – plus my message space was limited.

I have struggled to send my well wishes to friends and family this year.  I have had a particularly busy December, but have had issues with being quite wordy.  The cards I selected are dramatically white on the inside!  THEY MUST BE BLANKETED IN BEAUTIFUL WORDS!!!  I want everyone that receives a card to feel a little more loved than, “Happy Holidays, Love Nessa (in some cases, “and Betty [pawmark]).”  I like to do a bit of updating, throw in a little thing that was special between me and the recipient, maybe even toss in a bad pun or two.

However, it has come down to the time where they are going to be belated.  If you haven’t received one and you are in my address book, I do love you!

I hope you can get by without your Nessa holiday cheer until after the 25th (I think anyone that is Jewish actually got theirs on time).  You may even get yours after the new year! How delightful to get a festive card post the “Winter is fun and joyous!” season.

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I just saw Black Swan and have found my brain completely befuddled.  If you have seen it, you know what I mean.  If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you do.  It will take many an Oscar.

What is the solution to obtain sanity when a mind is stuffed with feathers?  YouTube. Like a good friend, it is there to make you smile, whether it be dramatic gopher or the world’s beloved Charlie and his older brother.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my favorite holiday YouTube videos!!!








I hope you got some joy from this little collection!  Happy Christmas friends!!!

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I’ve set up shop in my boyfriend’s dorm-sized bedroom in Chicago.  Space heater on and sounds from the Red Line weaseling their way through the window, I am subdued and completely clueless as to what to write.  I am incredibly comfy sprawled out on his threateningly amazing bed.  It is softly cooing, “Go back to sleep, sweet Nessa, I will gently cradle you until you rise again.”

I am a trustworthy lady, so why no trust the other queen in my fellow’s life?

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AHHHH! Only 20 minutes left of the the seventh of December 201o (well, at least here in lower region of Indiana). I am pretty much rushing this post for the sake of keeping my pact to write everyday this month.

To summarize my rushy day:

1. Successfully rolled out of bed

2. Was inspired to keep trying to get my writing out there by a nice man named Dave (meaning I need to write much, much more!).

3.  Went to work, stuffed folders, smelled a real nast. dog fart, got creeped out by a directory of doll collectors.

4. Left work, had a brief but very important meeting with a financial aid adviser.

5. Went back to work, got even MORE creeped out by a directory of doll collectors. Loudly announced my hatred for Windows 97 – DUDE, it’s nearly 14 years later!!!!!

6. Had an amazing dinner with a lovely friend (mmmmm mussels and frites!)

7.  Failed at finding a cute cocktail dress.

8. Learned how to use my scanner whilst doing laundry, cleaning, and sending e-mails.

Life is fast.  I am so used to living in a relaxed manner that I sometimes forget that people actually live their lives with this sort of stress.  It is exhausting.  No wonder people need massages!

Let us all take a few deep breaths!

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I love being cozy.  You have a fireplace? I’m right there until I feel my skin beginning to crisp. My car’s heater is usually set on Serengeti Plain, and I love the sensation of sweating after a hard run on the treadmill.

There’s this wicked 30 degrees thing going on right now.  I am not exactly enjoying it.  I have already brought out my knee length puffy coat, donned a pair of UGG boots,  and decorated the bundle I have become in scarves and gloves; and yet, I am still frigid as a wolf carcass Sarah Palin forgot to put atop her pile of terrible things.  My wardrobe is full of tank-tops, t-shirts, and zip-ups.  My sweaters make me feel frumpy, no matter how cute they are.  I think I have never liked sweaters because they are designed to be worn in cold weather.

I’d MUCH rather curl up in a compact ball and have blankets and pillows orbit my body until that blessed warm day in May arrives.

The only happy thing about cold, at least in Indiana, is that we get snow (well, less now than there used to be, thanks Global Warming!).  I love waking up to a planet smothered and sparkling with snow.  When chemistry and physics work together and provide snowman worthy white stuff, my glee goes beyond what is to be expected of a cold-loather.  I love donning my wellies and shoveling the sidewalk.

When I lived at home, and awoke to the sound of a parent using the snow blower on the driveway, I’d get my sneak on. After excessively bundling up, I’d creep out into the wonderland and create the perfect snowball.  I would wait for the opportune moment to attack the unsuspecting plowing parent, then wack them on the head with my excellently crafted white ball of doom. Awesome!

I would get so excited to commit the deed, I’d forget that they had the snow blower and the ability to change the direction the snow was blasting out.  My ambushes always ended in my demise; but my downfall started the warming of a cuppa tea or a hot chocolate. Warm Beverage vs Still Plowing the Driveway?:  I am pretty sure I won the war.

These past few nights I have enjoyed sipping tea while admiring my trimmed Christmas tree.  They have been cozy and sweet.  My character of a kitty, Betty, has even stopped mischief making to knead herself a place on my lap and purr herself into a sweet little sleep.  Peaceful moments like this allow me to clear my recently muddled mind. I feel like the air is hugging me.  I am loved no matter what, and anything negative thing I said or did that day is forgotten.  I just get to be Nessa.

Find some time today to cozy up, enjoy something soft (if you’re into elevator music, I won’t judge), and just be.

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