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being nessasary

a quirky look into being

My name is Vanessa, but my being is Nessa.  Professors, letters, friends, waiters, and writers alike call me this, and I know why.  It’s a secret.  Maybe I’ll tell you someday, but for now I have supremely hilarious faith that you’re interested in reading ideas about “being.”

I think we as world citizens oftentimes forget what  human being-ness is like.  What you be doin’, who you doin’, “how you doin’,” what you are, what your old dog was like/is to you now.   Who are you, what makes you necessary? Your best friend?  The first kid that punched you in kindergarten? The specks that float around in ponds?

I believe everyone is necessary. I have it built into my name, I am nessasary.  Nice and easy for me to remember when the doom monster is closing in and all I have is an umbrella and a few shards of glass to fight it off.  Of course it is easy to remember when I am skipping through yellow fields and holding paws with puppies.

I would love this to be a blog of being. This means, I want activity, discussion and interest!  So jump in, reply to my posts, attest, be disgusted, elated or just apathetic. BE!!!!!!!


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