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Oh fooie!  I’m late! The pipes burst, my cat got out, it snowed ten feet, my car wouldn’t start, and a rodent chewed through my computer’s power cord!!!

Kinda legit, right?

No, I did not follow through with my month long “write in your blog every day, Nessa” pledge. This is not because I didn’t wanna.  I found out Friday evening that one of the greatest friends a gal can have was only a feeble drive away.  After adventuring around the world since she graduated from IU in 2008, she has taken up residence in Maui.  Real unfortunate, right?  A sad story.  I feel really bad for her, having to come home to trump through the foot deep brack basting Indiana’s beheaded corn stalks.

Because her life is so sad and sunless, I decided she needed me to bring some light to her life.  I ventured to the old stomping grounds: Bloomington, Indiana, home of the Hoosiers.  I needed to get there bright and early, just so I could save her tan from fading.

I spent a lovely 24 hours laughing, eating, playing, and dancing with her family and a friend of ours.  The internet and my writing responsibilities could wait – or not even exist – in exchange for precious time with my beloved college companion. December 18, 2010 does not need an excuse.  It is safe to hold onto the handle, but it is much more fun to let go and let the wind take you (Thank You, Story People).  I like fun and laughing until you can’t breathe.  It is all good for your being. 

Too many yesterdays pass like the hummingbirds in your window feeder.  They’re there if you’re paying attention or if you catch their flirty feeding methods out of the corner of your eye, but if they’re closed, its like it never even happened. I really would have hated to miss a hummingbird in an Indiana December because I was too involved with a computer screen.


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I am hereby admitting my delinquency to my beloved blog.  The Thanksgiving holiday/my birthday got a bit in the way of my creative endeavors – however, these festive times are no excuse for me to stop writing.

My lovely friend and superblogger/writer/lady, Lesalina, mentioned National Blog Posting Month, a clever little website for bloggers in need of inspiration, friends, and the much needed push any blogger needs to update his/her blog.

Unlike National Novel Writing Month (which has folks write a novel in the matter of one month), National Blog Posting Month gives bloggers any of the 12 months to try updating each of the 30ish days.  If a blogger fall off the boat, she can pick up the next month.

Unfortunately, it is not like playing basketball in elementary school:  bloggers don’t get that long- awaited green participation ribbon; we get the succulent satisfaction that our blogs are ignited, and our writing has gotten a speck better.

So here goes.  Some of these posts may be completely butt-terrible, but frankly, I am trying not to give a damn!

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