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It is what comforted us when we were babies.  It is the voiceless support of a pat on the back.  It is what spirituality (any kind) gives one who chooses to have it.  It is the concept of a pair of hands somehow bringing light into a darkness.

Miner Osman Araya reunites with his wife Wednesday after becoming the sixth trapped miner to reach the surface of the San Jose mine, near Copiapo, Chile. (Hugo Infante/Government of Chile/Reuters)

I am watching the Chilean miners (of the San Jose Mine), who have been trapped half a mile underground for the past 69 days following a collapse.  I see the world lifting these 33 men from what could have been a mass grave.  I struggle to find a lovely way of saying how astonished I am none of them turned their stress into a Lord of the Flies type situation.

Los Trienta Tres sang songs, wrote letters, thought of their wives and children,  proposed and prayed.  They lifted each other up by creating a mini community; they were able to maintain order.  Sure, there HAD and

HAS to be drama, but they are all alive – the fresh air that is and will be in their lungs is what matters.

A machine is lifting these men from

the earth. Children will be lifted up by fathers. Wives will be lifted by their lovers.  Arms raise, hearts heighten, hope comes home.

I am no miner, but I have been lifted:

  • by airplanes to far aways
  • words
  • music
  • kids
  • my grandmother’s hands on my head hours before she passed away
  • my family and friends
  • a magical camp in Southern Indiana
  • hope
  • thoughts, prayers, and butterflies

everyone can use a hand from time to time

For me, it is hard to talk about being lifted.  Each bullet has its own story.  I could write books about all of them.  I keep thinking about the song You Lift Me Up.  It has its own following of religious fans, but I think it is appropriate for many different situations.  It is super cheesy, appropriate and the only thing holding me back from breaking out in an operatic fashion is to spare the poor ladies next door.

Watching the footage has lifted my heart and my belief in the ability of man to communicate and work together in beautiful ways.  It is proof to anyone who believes it is impossible – unnecessary – for us to even try to work as a worldly unit for the betterment of the lives of others.

It is nessasary.

What lifts you up?  How do you feel a bout being a world citizen? Do you have an insight on the Chilean Miners’  69 day journey?


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