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I am hereby admitting my delinquency to my beloved blog.  The Thanksgiving holiday/my birthday got a bit in the way of my creative endeavors – however, these festive times are no excuse for me to stop writing.

My lovely friend and superblogger/writer/lady, Lesalina, mentioned National Blog Posting Month, a clever little website for bloggers in need of inspiration, friends, and the much needed push any blogger needs to update his/her blog.

Unlike National Novel Writing Month (which has folks write a novel in the matter of one month), National Blog Posting Month gives bloggers any of the 12 months to try updating each of the 30ish days.  If a blogger fall off the boat, she can pick up the next month.

Unfortunately, it is not like playing basketball in elementary school:  bloggers don’t get that long- awaited green participation ribbon; we get the succulent satisfaction that our blogs are ignited, and our writing has gotten a speck better.

So here goes.  Some of these posts may be completely butt-terrible, but frankly, I am trying not to give a damn!


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